Saddle Bums is Here to Make Your Ride More Enjoyable!


Saddle Bums is a family operation and we remain isolated. Our facility is located on family lands and is never visited by the public. All of our fabric and materials are purchased from U.S. companies and were in-house prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. We remain vigilant of our cleaning and sterilizing habits as always.

While we all need to stay distanced from each other at this time, we can all be thankful that we have our horses for their companionship and love. Stay healthy and enjoy those special moments we can share with all our loved ones, maybe especially the four legged kind . . . SADDLE BUMS

Saddle Bums, proudly made in the USA with commitment to cutting edge quality and service that make your riding experience exceed your expectations and enjoyment.

All our tights are made to order and shipped in a timely manner.